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Thomas Mai Presentation ETMA, Strasbourg from Thomas Mai on Vimeo.

Strasbourg from Thomas Mai on Vimeo.

I help filmmakers connect with their audience before, during and after they have made a film. I enable filmmakers to create crowdfunding, merchandise and direct distribution with their fans cutting out the expensive middleman. The long term goal is to build a huge database of fans that the filmmaker can live from now and on future projects.

In the 4th quarter of 2012 I strategized, planned and executed 5 crowdfunding campaigns for 5 Australian documentaries that raised over $300,000

Gayby Baby $104,756 (November 2012) plus over $14,000 (March 2012)

Gayby Baby is an amazing documentary on kids growing up with same sex parents.

Deep Blue Sea $60,594

Deep Blue Sea is a great documentary that looks at the circumstances why someone becomes a “boat person”

Chalky $48,341

Chalky is a documentary on legendary film- & theater producer Michael White

The Ride $44,230

The Ride is a documentary on 4 Australian blokes who swap their wheelchairs for quadbikes to go on a 5,000 km adventure to visit the crash sites where their lives changed forever

Rites of Passage $30,950

Rites of Passage is a film of love and hope made by young people whose lives are anything but ordinary. It proves that disadvantage doesn’t have to dictate your future

Received an AUD 200,000 grant from Screen Australia to work with 10 filmmakers over the next 10 years. The goal is to train them to become experts in Financing, Marketing & Distribution in a Social Media connected world

I  have hosted 8 episodes of the YouTube “show” Audience Republic where I interview outstanding filmmakers

I was nominated by the great film producer Ted Hope as a brave new thinker of 2010. Here is what he said about me.

“I have had the first hand pleasure of sitting in the audience as Thomas pitches filmmakers on the power of social media and the new era of truly free film ahead of us.  I have seen the skeptical grow empowered from his presentations.  Thomas, a former sales agent, has taken his rant on the road, sharing his insights with audiences worldwide.  From a base in Brazil, Thomas has used a shaky internet connect to distribute his lectures across the global.  And he has given quite a few public speaking tips along the way, not to mention writing well-shared posts for HopeForFilm. You can check out one of his lectures on his site www.thomasmai.net ”

To read the full article and see who else was nominated click here http://bit.ly/eOEdWC

I have been a sales agent for 15 years with experience in selling feature films like Cannes winner Lars von Trier’s “DANCER IN THE DARK” , Hollywood films starring Forest Whitaker and Julia Styles in A LITTLE TRIP TO HEAVEN” to Berlinale winners to name a few among hundreds of feature films I have sold worldwide. I have sold films for some of the biggest directors in Scandinavia Lars von Trier, Lukas Moodysohn, Thomas Vinterberg, Susanne Bier, Baltasar Kormakur, Lone Scherfig, Josef Fares, Per Fly, Niels Arden Opel and many others

I have produced 4 feature films all winning awards at film festivals. From Leonardo Dicaprio & Tobey Maguire in Don´s Plum to Sundance competition film One Point O to Danish films like The Eighteenthand “Possessed

In 2000 I was named one of 10 Producers to watch by film trade magazine Variety

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